Saturday, 11 November 2017

All the leaves are golden

November marks a very busy period me, as I'm currently preparing for the Gifted craft and design fair in December. When I have a spare moment in the day, my concentration shifts to a task involving 'show prep'. Today, I made some time to work on a leaf garland for my stand. These beautiful intricate paper leaves will form the basis for my design. I decided to gild each one in a sumptuously sparkling layer of gold metallic paint. I love to use Finetec paints, as they have a stunning shimmer and rich tone that is highly reflective.  

I chose to give the leaves a golden glow to evoke the style of my jewellery. One of my main design traits is using 24k gold leaf. It's a material I've worked with since the very beginning of my resin making journey, and it quickly became my trademark. It is a design feature I hold dear to my heart, and it will always endure in my work. These little leaves are my ode to that glistening beautiful material that shines through in all of my Lost Forest creations. Stay tuned for the finished garland in a few weeks time.

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