Tuesday, 25 July 2017

I'll find you in the forest, garden or sea...

Three of my favourite places to be; the forest, garden or sea. All of the natural inclusions in my jewellery are picked by myself directly from these locations as I live within 15 minutes of each one (the garden a little closer of course). It's important to me to use what's found locally as it forms the essence and individuality of each piece, as well as distinguishing my work from others. 

My latest offering in store entices you to choose your favourite piece inspired by your chosen location *(with an added hidden surprise).

 The Forest

A stunning real quartz point has been carefully recreated in the form of a natural pine resin pendant. The handcrafted quartz has encapsulated real tendrils of vivid green and yellow lichen, gathered from the forest floor of the Dublin mountains. The crystal clear resin has a subtle green tint to emphasise the beautiful tones of the lichen. The tip of the crystal has been hand gilded with fragmented sterling silver leaf to add a touch of sparkle to this magical piece. A handmade 925 sterling silver chain in an 18" length is fed through the crystal to create a unique piece of wearable art.

The Garden

Carry a tiny portion of an Irish garden with you in the form of this pretty pendant featuring a real hand pressed pansy. The pansy was picked from my garden and delicately preserved over several weeks to retain its buttery yellow tone. The pansy lies within crystal clear pine resin and is accompanied by a fine scattering of 24k gold leaf flakes, which dance around the beautiful bloom. The pansy is embraced by a handmade 24k gold plated circular frame, which adds a lovely tactile element to the piece. As the light passes through the pendant, the flower glows; reminiscent of the luminescence of a stained glass window. The pendant hangs from a fine 18" 14k gold fill chain.

The Sea

All the mystical elements of the Irish sea are forever embodied in this stunning necklace. A single drop of natural pine resin contains a real little starfish, found naturally expired along the Irish shore. It is immortalised within an aqua toned sea; swirling with tendrils of real Irish moss to echo the knotted seaweed. Speckles of sterling silver leaf glisten with every movement, creating a real sense of glamour and intrigue. A handmade 925 sterling silver chain in an 18" length is fed through the drop, allowing you to wear a mermaids forgotten treasure.

Which treasure will you choose?

*each piece comes with a free special gift

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