Sunday, 30 July 2017

Wild Irish Rose

One of my all time favourite flowers are roses; they hold such elegance, vibrant colour, and wonderful heady aromas. 'My dear rose' is a piece inspired by their eternal beauty.

It is one-of-a-kind piece, created just for you to treasure and wear close to your heart. The bottle pendant was skilfully cast by myself using a handmade mold of a vintage Chanel No.5 perfume bottle. An original concept I devised a few years ago. The pendant was then constructed in natural resin using my advanced casting technique to ensure a premium crystal clear finish. Within the lightweight resin bottle are three deep pink rose buds suspended in eternal motion. The buds were picked from my garden last summer and have been preserved to showcase their fragile form and delicate details.

A fine scattering of 24k gold leaf speckles float amongst this miniature scene, along with romantic swirls of pink dye, which enrapture the roses and accentuate their lively colour. You can almost imagine the sweet floral scent trapped forever within this wonderfully tactile bottle. It's only available at this link. 

While wandering through the rose gardens at Powerscourt, I snapped my 'Wild Irish heart' necklace against the rose lined walled garden. This piece is available in the Design Loft in Powerscourt House and also in store now. It's such a pretty and romantic piece, and I adore how the heather buds dance within the bottle with every step you take. A truly dynamic and intriguing piece of botanical art.

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