Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Hydrangea Love

Summer isn't summer without bountiful bundles of hydrangeas lining the garden verges. There are over 75 different types of Hydrangea. Hydrangea macrophylla or Bigleaf Hydrangea is the most common type. Within this familial group are varieties such as Mophead (Photo 2) and Lacecap (photo 1). Hydrangea have long been associated with gratitude and honesty, and despite their weighty abundance of billowy blooms, they are symbolic of remaining humble in times of prosperity.
Shunned in medicinal practices due to trace elements of cyanide in their leaves and flowers, they are solely used for decorative purposes. They are ideal for flower arranging, bouquets and ornamental gardening. They have always fascinated me, and it's my dream someday to have a garden border of every type of hydrangea I can possibly source. 
One of my very first eco resin pendants contained a single blue hydrangea flower I had pressed in a book. The elegant simplicity of the petals were showcased beautifully in the resin, and to this day I love to use them in my work. The piece below was a very early piece in my collection using a single pink hydrangea. I discovered this necklace while cleaning out my studio, nearly forgotten about, resting at the back of a drawer. It's the very last one of a batch I made a few years ago, and it is still as luminous as ever. It's currently on sale in store, and you can read more about it below:
 'Pretty in Pink' is a stunning eco resin pebble that has trapped a single vibrant pink Hydrangea flower. The delicate bloom was picked by me from my garden during the Summer months and pressed over several weeks to preserve its fragile beauty and beautiful colour. 
The flower is suspended within the organic shaped pendant and is surrounded by tiny speckles of glittering 24k gold leaf to add a subtle touch of glamour and sparkle.
This pretty handcrafted gem makes the perfect gift for any nature lover who admires the ethereal wonder of natures botanical creations.

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