Monday, 14 August 2017

Summer Buttercup Droplets

New to store are my little handcrafted eco resin buttercup drops, which have encapsulated all the fun and frivolity of an Irish summers day. Each buttercup was picked by me from the sun drenched meadows and carefully preserved over several weeks to retain its beauty and vibrant colour. Speckles of glittering 24k gold leaf are suspended amongst the dancing buttercups; sparkling with every move you make.
The buttercup holds a great sense of nostalgia for me and I wanted to create a piece that was not only beautiful to look at, but one that can evoke fond memories of childhood games and stories. As a child, it was tradition to pick these little buttery yellow blooms in the fields at playtime and hold them under your chin to see if you or your friends liked butter. If the flower glowed vivid yellow upon the base of your chin it meant you liked butter, if not, then butter was obviously not your thing! Maybe you can try it yourself when you purchase this unique treasure? I highlighted this Irish tradition a few years ago on my Instagram page here , and it was lovely to read similar folk stories from around the world that were associated with this little ubiquitous flower. I'd love to read more in the comments below.
You can choose your favourite buttercup droplet in store here.

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